Our Story

Our Story

VGOT was not by accident but its inception was triggered through painful experience of not finding right fitting clothes and favourite brands of choice, by someone close within the family just because of Plus Size.

This triggered us to think why not we come up with a solution to this known problem area of masses. The thought was to come up with a hassle free shopping experience to address the pain area. We thus built an online market place for all Plus size needs.

The objective and focus was to concentrate on Plus Size Segment and give them an exhilarating shopping experience without any compromise and enjoy every occasion that they wish to on a click of a button.

There are many online shops and Brick and Mortar stores which address this pain area partially. However the partial solution doesn’t offer variety in type of clothes, multiple sizes, brands and patterns. Mostly whatever is offered is general outfit which doesn’t mitigate the challenge, the Plus size segment face.

Our USP is, we bring latest trends, in design, color, pattern, and material of cloth which will suit various occasions and will provide the buyer an option of shopping by choice and not by force and compulsion.

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Background only applies for Boxed,Framed, Rounded Layout