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Get Perfect Fit For Plus Size

Get Perfect Fit For Plus Size

When you go around shopping for some apparels for yourself, the very main challenge faced is the size availability in the store. Nobody knows your required sizes better other than you. You spend time searching for the best-suited size of a particular
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8 Corporate Wear Hacks for Curvy Girls

8 Corporate Wear Hacks For Curvy Girls

Clothes reflect your personality and it’s very difficult for curvy people to find the dress that they fit in, and they often end up compromising with price, pattern, and fitting of the dress. The way you dress can make you look 10 pounds lighter.
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How to Flaunt your Curves

How To Flaunt Your Curves

In this blog, we will be conveying a few easy steps for ladies on how they can flaunt their curves instead of hiding them. If you are women with plus size body structure then this blog post is for you.The first priority for a plus size person is achi
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5 Tips on Winter Clothing for Women

5 Tips On Winter Clothing For Women

Summer always brings a wave of joy to everyone as this is the time when everyone is pretty much excited to fill up their wardrobes with trending clothes. However, when it comes to winter everyone defocuses on shopping & start wearing their th
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xPlus Dernier Cri - A Plus Size Store

XPlus Dernier Cri - A Plus Size Store

“Whatever you wear, wear with confidence, you are special the way you are” the note what xPlus Dernier Cri believes in. When it comes to lifestyle, plus size audience are the one who suffers from lack of possibilities for what they are gazing for. W
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